The Biennial Concert

There is too much to say about how cool the Very Young Composers Concert at the New York Philharmonic Biennial was--so much great music from so many astonishing young people, such a huge amount of support for what is, for my money, one of the more amazing and forward-thinking programs in the world, and really just so well played it made one cry.  Richard Carrick and Doc Wallace both had gorgeous pieces to offer on the grown-up side of things.

Thank you all.  I'll have more to say soon.

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Pleased to Meet Me

After several thwarted attempts, I decided to join the 20th (let alone the 21st) century and introduce a Web site.  My old site used to bear the subtitle: “Composer, writer, avid reader, thinker, Capricorn, advice for the lovelorn”—but this is mostly about the music, occasionally about the words.  Please, if you like what you see (hear, read) subscribe to my Felsenmusick Transmissions and I will send you occasional updates.


Thank you for listening.  Much more to come.

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