I met Danny before actually hearing his music. Within minutes of talking to him I knew that I had come across not only a kindred spirit in music-making but also an extremely thoughtful, passionate and genuine person. It was no surprise to me that his music turned out to be exactly like the man behind it. The first time I played through the piece he wrote for us I felt as if I was unwrapping a present from a very close friend. It was the kind of present that someone puts much time and thought into choosing for you, the kind of which there exists only one, and the kind that is meant to be shared with others. I think that is what I like most about Danny’s music; it is personal to him and by its nature becomes personal to others.
— Ashley Bathgate, Cellist, Bang on a Can All-stars
For Orchestra

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For Orchestra

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"He Needs a Fuck" from The Inner Circle, opera-in-progress

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A Most Beautiful Death

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Something Wicked

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Blister & Wow

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Alice in the Time of the Jabberwock

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Every Composer is a Murderer

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Insomnia Redux; 4am (for Pierrot Ensemble)

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List of Works

Orchestral Music

The Curse of Sophistication (20’) concerto for piano and chamber orchestra

Thursday Night Overture (5’) for chamber orchestra

Summer and All it Brings (20’) solo cantata for soprano, narrator and chamber orchestra

The Bridge (15’) for soprano and chamber orchestra

Busmeat: A Parable (15’) for orchestra

Bad Coffee Serenade (12’) concerto for violin and chamber orchestra

Insomnia Redux; 4am (9’) for orchestra



Bruce Bailey (40’) for soprano, baritone and piano trio

Nora, In the Great Outdoors (20’) for soprano and piano trio

Thursday Night: Suite from an Abandoned Opera (30’) for singers and chamber orchestra

The Last of Manhattan (90’) for singers and chamber ensemble

Summer and All it Brings (20’) for soprano, narrator, harpsichord and cello

The Bloody Chamber (30’) opera in progress for singers and chamber ensemble


Chamber Music

The Low Chamber (6’) for contrabass flute and piano

Nudities for Cello and Piano (18’) for cello and piano

To Committee (15’) for flute, cello and piano

Insomnia Redux; 4am (10’) for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello

All Tomorrow’s Parties (4’) for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello

You. Have. No. Idea. (12’) for string quartet

Spider Songs (10’) for piano, cello and percussion

Alive Until Otherwise (8’) for marimba and violin

Living Room Suite (23’) for string trio

Toscanini’s Glasses (5’) for piano, cello and percussion

Life Shrinks (20’) for piano, cello and percussion—music for dance

First Scenes from Red Room (7’) for violin and piano

All Work and No Play (9’) for piccolo and piano

From Maldoror (8’) for flute, oboe, piano and narrator

Let Me Out (12’) for timpani, cello and bass clarinet

I Conquered Egypt (4’) for piano trio

Live ‘Til Twilight (15’) for cello and piano

Fast Living (10’) for cello and percussion

Cultivating Cool (6’) for flute, clarinet, trumpet, piano, percussion and double bass

Smoking My Diploma (20’) for oboe, cello and piano

Looking for Funny Dog (8’) for flute and organ

O I LIKE the LIFE that I’m LEADING (8’) for flute and piano

Something Very Serious (5’) for violin and piano

Don’t Call me Sir (5’) for clarinet and piano

Bad Coffee Serenade (12’) for violin and piano


Solo Music

Partita No. 1 (13’) for solo piano

Cakewalking (Sorry Claude) (10’) for solo piano

Things Like That Never Happen to Me (8’) for solo harpsichord

Hooked to the Silver Screen (8’) for solo viola

The Cohen Variations (5’) for solo piano

Insomnia Redux; 4am (9’) for solo piano

A Dirty Little Secret (3’) for solo piano

Obsession No. 1: Toscanini’s Glasses (5’) for solo piano

Air That Kills (5’) for solo violin

Down to You is Up (12’) for solo piano



Vocal Music

Raw Footage (10’) for soprano, speaker, flute, cello and harpsichord

A Genuine Willingness to Help (Book One) (16’) for three sopranos with flute, clarinet, keyboards, viola and cello

Maazel Fragments Book One (3’) for three sopranos, string quartet and piano

The Light (3’) for soprano, string quartet and piano

My Little Wicked Ways (12’) for mezzo-soprano and piano

Every Composer is a Murderer (12’) for spoken word with soprano, flute, cello and harpsichord

Full of Life (3’) for cello and soprano

From Sleepless Nights (6’) for cello and mezzo-soprano

Cold Soldiers of the Shoe (10’) for vocal quartet, oboe, flute, cello and piano

Music Doesn’t Want Me: Madrigals, Book I (6’) for vocal quartet, cello and piano

In My Craft and Sullen Art (3’) for soprano and piano

The Poet’s Dream of Herself as a Young Girl (15’) for mezzo-soprano and piano trio

Fall, Leaves, Fall (3’) for soprano and piano

“Aria” from Magnificat (4’) for soprano and piano

To a Cabaret Dancer (5’) for mezzo-soprano and piano

Dry Sandwiches (4’) for soprano and piano

Lines for Winter (5’) for tenor and piano

You Want a Social Life, With Friends (4’) for baritone and piano

Annus Mirabilis (4’) for bass and piano

True Love (3’) for soprano and organ

The Bridge (15’) cycle of five songs for soprano and piano

I May Never Get Home (15’) cycle of seven songs for baritone and piano

New Forms of Control (12’) for female voices, two synthesizers, and percussion

Thank You, Goodnight (15’) cycle of five songs for soprano and piano

L’Envoi (2’) for soprano and piano

Sunday Night (3’) for soprano and piano

Elizabeth Among the Rains (23’) cycle of five songs for mezzo-soprano and piano

From the Letters of Heloise (12’) for soprano, clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion and strings

I Am Saturn (12’) cycle of three songs for soprano and piano

Equals (6’) for soprano and string quartet

Five Songs for Five Friends (12’) cycle of five songs for soprano and piano


Choral Music

Revolutions of Ruin (20’) for SATB chorus with soprano and baritone soloists and chamber orchestra

Manhattan Choruses (10’) for SATB chorus and organ